Aug. 5, 2010


"G-dcast is animating Torah for today!

G-dcast is a collective of Jewish filmmakers, artists and educators
who make quirky cartoons out of classic Jewish texts. You can scroll
through the entire Torah on their website and watch 55 very diverse
guests give 4 minute dvar Torahs in prose, poetry, music and even hip
hop! Every episode is different from the last.

Parents and teachers can download free curriculum guides with great
ideas for creative activities and critical thinking exercises. And new
in 2010, G-dcast is creating special holiday episodes for Chanukah,
Pesach and the fall Chagim."

1 comment:

  1. My kids love this site. (they call it "Temima's parsha") It is way above their head which, in some cases, is a good thing. There is always an interesting message for the grown-ups and other big people watching, though!