Aug. 20, 2010

Musically Inclined? Love traditional Jewish music or songs?

Check out these three truly awesome websites.  Each one has compiled a database of Jewish music!

"Here is a convenient online resource for learning to chant the Hebrew liturgy of the Siddur (Jewish prayer book), whether you just want to brush up on your davening skills, learn to chant and sing the Shabbat services or prepare for your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah!"

"Download, Learn and Sing: ShirHalev is your place to learn Jewish songs for all occasions"
- Songs for Holidays, Shabbos, Brachas, Davening, Sefardi

"The purpose of this site is to promote the proliferation of Nusach and to make a Nusach readily accessible to those who have a desire to learn and a desire to deepen their Judaism. This site is a volunteer work in progress."
- This website has recordings of the Haggadah, Megillat Esther, and Megillat Ruth, Megillat Eicha, davening for some of the high holidays, etc...

**Hat Tip to Jennifer of Adventures in Mamaland for these links (and many more to come, when I have more time!)** 

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