Resource Directory

The resource directory for homeschoolers is not a seperate part of this blog, but rather I have used the functionality of blogs to help organize the directory.  You can use the tags in the right side bar (eg. Talmud, Chumash, Preschool), by clicking on one, to find resources in a particular area of interest to you.  Every resource is a separate blog 'post' and is cross-listed in the sidebar.  So if you click on Preschool, you may get a list of preschool appropriate resources, which include resources for learning Parsha.  Those same Parsha resources are also linked into the Parsha section in the sidebar.  If you clicked on Parsha in the sidebar, you would see a list of all Parsha related resources, for all ages, including the one in Preschool that you just viewed. 

I know this isn't so clear.  I hope I'll be able to write it more clearly at a future point.