Nov. 27, 2010

Jewish Education & Entertainment

This website has five educational games: Language Match Game, Multilingual Word Search, Hebrew Hangman, My Jewish Coloring Book, and Israel Geography Game.

There is also a list of other websites, although all are basically a part of this website, with other topics that might be of interest:  The Jewish Trivia Quiz, The Hebrew Sign Maker, The Hebrew Language, Learn Hebrew Videos, The Jewish Wisdom Database, The Bible Quiz, My Hebrew Songbook, The Jewish Clipart Database, and 3 Year Jewish High Holiday Calendar.

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  1. You may want to add: in Hebrew with articles and sheets for teaching Tanach, Torah shebal peh etc. - in Hebrew a huge collection of resources on many topics including Hebrew, holidays and crafts. It is basically a huge list of links in different categories to a variety of resources useful to teachers in Israel so there are links to resources that ganenot post on say pre-reading or holidays as well as links to holiday crafts (they have included some links to holiday and parsha crafts on my blog.)
    The lookstein center also has useful resources.