Nov. 25, 2010

Akhlah: The Jewish Children's Learning Network

This site looks extremely interesting.  Here is a sampling of what they cover. Jewish Crafts, Worksheets, Tanach, Parsha, Yomim Tovim/ Jewish Holidays, Learn about Israel, Learning Hebrew, Jewish Biblical Heros, and Jewish Traditions. 

Of specific note is their aleph-bet resource!

"Akhlah, the Jewish children's learning network, is an important resource created to provide Jewish children and their families access to the prayers, stories and rituals that have bound Jews together around the world and through the ages. Akhlah is specifically designed for the youngest and least knowledgeable among us, while maintaining scrupulous attention to the details of the subject matter.
Children and others who wish to learn about Judaism will find that Akhlah offers a comprehensive yet non-sectarian perspective. Akhlah does not subscribe to any of the branches of Judaism, but celebrates them all. We wish to provide information about the traditions and practices of all the major branches of Judaism, for although the vagaries of geography and circumstance have spread these branches in different directions, when we look back, we share the common bonds of ancestors, history and language: these are the roots of our Tree of Life."

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