Nov. 24, 2010

Hebrew Vocab Quizzes with Pictures

This website has some fairly easy looking Hebrew vocabulary quizzes using pictures.   I'm not sure why, but the Hebrew fonts didn't come out for me... maybe something to do with my own computer, or with the age of the website.  If anyone finds that the Hebrew does show up properly for them, or figures it out, feel free to leave a comment here with tips/instructions. 

1 comment:

  1. I can't get them to work either. And believe me, I'm spending half my day on Israeli websites these days, so I can SEE Hebrew on the screen when there is Hebrew to be seen. Sorry!
    Actually, I have been aware of and really not enjoyed her site since the dawn of the Internet... the site makes Jewish learning seem so dull. :-(
    (or maybe I'm just in a MOOD)