Oct. 30, 2010

the mishnah project

The mishnah project is such a cool endeavor.  So, a long long time ago, in a far away land... the sages used to use tunes to help memorize the Mishnah.   The makers of this project recognized that memorization of Jewish texts is not so easy for everyone, and not always enjoyable.  They saw that the average person can remember lyrics to their favorite popular songs easily... and decided to tap into this great ability we all have, by putting the Mishnah to music... and pretty darn good music at that!  This is also a way of returning to the oral roots of Jewish tradition.  So, go on over and listen to a tune or two... I am as I write this, and humming along.

As a side note, does one capitalize words like Mishnah and Talmud?  Torah?  I'm not quite sure.

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